In the heat of the glistering Mexican Sun in Cabo San Lucas – a legend was born. IR INFERNO RAGAZZI – not just a brand or a label or anything like that. a lifestyle, a feeling something we find so hard to describe that we had to name it. It’s about knowing that no matter where you are or what you do there will always be someone to go absolutely crazy with. It’s about knowing that no matter where you go you will always tare up the party. It’s about knowing that you will always have the best time ever because you are with us. It’s about making the most of now and the best of tomorrow. no fake shit. no bullshit. no full of shit.

Welcome to the family – IR INFERNO RAGAZZI

We are a company that excels through distinctive products in the areas of fashion, art, sports, photography, design & music. We concentrate on collaborations, partnerships, licensing and consulting in the above areas. We organize joint themed events at special places with special people. We are building a community around which actively participates and partakes in the brand. Our focus for the upcoming year will be on a limited fashion collection as well as on events. The exclusivity of our clothing line rests upon the design, the prints and the materials we use in this limited scope – The uniqueness of our events, you will have to discover yourself.